Multiple Supported Entry wins

Beau Bien Don't Do Me Like That d'Assisi

Thomas was co-bred with Jody Finazzo, DDS.  His mother is a lovely bitch I bred, named Maybelle, GCH Maybe She's Born with It d'Assisi RATN, CA (Archie x Violet 2015).  His sire is a dog who has been producing phenomenally.

I fell in love with Thomas from the minute he was born,  

Thomas has a big bucket head and is one of the dorkiest dogs I have ever know,n and I say that with pure love...   His humor is much appreciated around here ....  Thomas has been shown mainly by me, but Sara Patchen stepped in for a few shows...   So far he has 3 majors, including supported entry wins.  He just needs 2 singles to finish. It will be a race to the finish line for these young boys.