Please Don't Take my Man d'Assisi BCAT

Jolene is my most recent bred-by addition...  she was born in Hazel's last litter and is one of 7 puppies!  She is as sweet as she looks and has amazing health testing.  No doubt, she will be the next star here at Assisi

Jolene is already pointed in the show ring from the puppy class.  She had an amazing showing at the national, placing in her class in both specialties!

After her first two litters, Jolene joined handler, Perry Payson during COVID, and is now major pointed and almost finished!  She also spent time at FAST CATs and earned her BCAT in 5 runs, ranking #21 on this year's speed list, averaging 17.5 MPH!

Jolene's Health Testing

OFA Hips Prelim Fair

Spine radiographed

OFA Patellas normal

OFA Eye normal

OFA Trachea - no evidence of hypoplasia

OFA Cardiac normal

JC Clear by parentage

Cystinuria 1-1

BAER Hearing Test normal

Jolene's Kids Showing Off 

Eight Six Seven Five Three Oh Nine d'Assisi - Jenny

And On the Eight Day d'Assisi - Stanley (pointed)

Life at Fifty-Two Eight-E d'Assisi - Eric

Livin' On a Prayer d'Assisi - Bonnie

Breeders Assistant HTML Pedigree
Pedigree Of Please Don't Take my Man d'Assisi
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
Champagne's Valdonis d'MatisseAmerican Champion Daulokke's Valdonis Le CroqDK CH Daulokke's Sarte le RoyalCH Geluna Von Hempel Royal Basse
DK CH Daulokke's Isabeau-Dior
INT CH Daulokke's Aristobelle du TexCH Grand Chef Texas-Tex
CH Daulokke's Nordique Haut-Couture
American Champion Champagne's Siriusly SweetAM CH Matisse Sirius WynnAM CH C and D's Sanden Spell Binder
AM CH Matisse Irresisti-belle
AM CH Tinkertime's Shakes Up ChampagneAM CH Tinkertime's Froggie Dunkin
Matisse Freedom Rose
GCH CH Color Splash d'Assisi CA CGC ROMsGCHB CH Belboulecan Liberte de Vivre CGC, ROMgCAN CH Southern Comfort By GernadaAM CH Blissbull Belboulecan Fernando
CAN CH Erla dell'Oldoinyo Lengai
CAN CH Charlotte du Fiacre de MontparnasseCH Bonaparte de Noire Beatitude
CH Leiboll's Soleil
Fashion Queen d'AssisiAM CH King of Queens d'Assisi CGC, ROMgAM CH Shann's Goodtime At Crestagard
Stellar's Mad About Blue D'Assisi CGC
AM CH Kiss Kiss Bang Bang d'Assisi CGC, ROMbAM CH Blissbull Belboulecan Fernando
AM CH Jewel Thief d'Assisi CGC, ROMp
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