CH Asleep at the Bar d'Assisi

Hemingway is co-owned by Donna Pendleton and myself and has joined Donna, her husband and the bullmastiffs and creatures of the Funny Farm in Southern Ohio.  Look for Hemingway strutting his stuff with one of his adoring crew!

Hemingway in the ring!

Hemingway finished with 4 majors, topped off by a big HUGE 5 point major on the same day as his sister Annie and they both finished..   a day to remember!

Health Testing 


OFA Spine radiographed

BAER test normal

OFA Heart normal

OFA Knees normal

Cystinuria 1-2

DM clear by DNA

JC Clear by DNA

Breeders Assistant HTML Pedigree
Pedigree Of Asleep at the Bar d'Assisi
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
American Grand Champion Altitude You Had Me From HelloBandog Bayou Cafe Du MondeAM CH Gardien Bandog Yankee DoodleAM CH Cox's Goodtime Polar Bear
AM CH Gardien's Luminates The Ring
AM CH Bandog Bayou's Creme BruleeAM CH Bandog Gardien Capedcrusader
Bandog's Bound For Glory
American Champion Epic's Esther SeaAM CH Stephlyn's Wild Wild WestAM CH Blazin's Ironside Perry Of NRW
AM CH Shadetree Stephlyn Gettin Jiggy W'it
AM CH Absolut Bullmarket ArabellaAM CH RB's Kobi's Golden Chip
Bullmarket A And A Stripe T's
Fashion Queen d'AssisiAmerican Champion King of Queens d'Assisi CGC, ROMgAM CH Shann's Goodtime At CrestagardAM CH Shann's Grandstander
AM CH Shann's Zoe
Stellar's Mad About Blue D'Assisi CGCAM CH Jumeau's Hanky Panky Blues CGC, ROMg
AM CH Jackpot! Ez On The Eyes
American Champion Kiss Kiss Bang Bang d'Assisi CGC, ROMbAM CH Blissbull Belboulecan Fernando CAN CHCAN CH Night and Day L'Amour Brando "du Champagne"
Belboulecan Abba At Blissbull
AM CH Jewel Thief d'Assisi CGC, ROMgAM CH Petty Thief Of My Heart
Stellar's Mad About Blue D'Assisi CGC
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