CH Kiss Kiss Bang Bang d'Assisi, CGC, ROMbronze

10/14/07 - 11/27/16

Today I had to let my Gena go...  for those that have met her, you know she struggled with back issues. She began showing neurological signs about 5 years ago. Mostly just a bit wobbly or tripping, subtle really at the start....  for years, it was mild...  these last few months, however, she's had a rapid decline...  I won't go into details here, but last night for the first time, she had pain, horrible pain. And I couldn't control it. I'd promised her, we'd deal with anything, but not pain. So this morning she left me....  I'm devastated to say the least. 

Gena was much more than a dog with issues, she was funny!  She was my bed buddy. And she was known for being an incessantly persistent licker!   She did it to everyone!  Your feet, your hands. Whatever. Didn't matter. Gena had to taste you!  LOL. She also was keeper of the kitchen and family room (only super cat friendly dogs allowed in there). Her rooms!  She said so. So much so, many of my young ones won't enter those rooms even if gates are left wide open!  Known by many names, GG, Gee, Gena beana, she was my keeper girl from Purl's first litter. A breeding I planned for years and was honored to do. She finished handily from bred by and was a complete show off.  She had one litter of 6 puppies, including the famous Carmen and amazing producer and champion couch potato Vera, before pyometra caused her to be spayed at just 2.5 years. There was a reason for that it seems. 

Her loss will be felt deeply.  I surround myself with animals, but each one brings me something different and I'm bonded to every one intensely. All of us at Assisi, will notice her absence profoundly.  Especially me. 

And so I say, Godspeed my dear Gena, CH Kiss Kiss Bang Bang d'Assisi, CGC ROMbronze. Say hello to the family who's gone before you. We will meet again one day. 

  • Gena on her right, with her grand daughter Violet on the left
    Gena on her right, with her grand daughter Violet on the left

Gena was a fabulous show dog and finished easily from Bred-by on May 9, 2009, the first Champion for her mother, Purl.  She excelled at the 2008 & 2009 National Specialties, placing in her Bred-by class in 2008 and then making all the cuts as a special in 2009.  She had her first and only litter in 2010, producing 6 lovely brindle kids who will do her proud!  Unfortunately, Gena has to be spayed due to complications from pyometra.   Gena is now retired and living the life of riley!

Gena's Kids:

Gena's Health Testing

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