Hunt's Cafe Mocha Emma Bean, NAJ

3/28/98 - 11/30/09

Emma was one of a kind.  I bought her one week after I graduated from college ...  used all my graduation money to buy her...   She was worth every penny!   My first dog of my own... my best friend and companion.  She has gone everywhere and been through everything with me...  From Philadelphia in a high rise during grad school, to Columbus in 2 different apartments during vet school, then to my mom's while I saved up money and finally to my home here.  She has seen me through many exams and sleepless nights...  She has comforted me through life's ups and downs...  put up with frenchie after frenchie who entered this house...  never skipping a beat in her merry cocker fashion...  She was wonderful!

 She was, in her prime, a great agility dog.  We had so much fun in those days...  jumping, weaving and flying through tunnels...  She finished her novice titles despite her inept handler...  She was even the #6 cocker spaniel in agility in 2001! 

Emma preferred rocks to bones, and anyone who has met her, will tell you how she searched for just that perfect rock...  then she would find the perfect place to chew on it...  often times that was the couch... I cannot count the number of rocks I pulled out from between the cushions in her 12 years with me...   I think if I find anymore, I will leave them right where they are...

Mostly she was just a wonderful friend who I will miss dearly... And wish I could have had a few years more with her... 

Goodbye my sweet Bean!

Pedigree for Emma born 3/29/98

Leonhardt's King Tuck CDX
SM928218/02 10-96

Squier's Red Baron
SE674016 02-90

Squier's Little Jerry
SD261877 11-86
Black & Tan

Ragamuffin Bar Avatar
SC771170 09-81

Ragamuffin Oh Dear
SC451517 02-80

Brandi Lea Davidson
SD697510 11-86

Taw's Tally Ho
SB734561 03-78

Cinder Sue Ella
SD496948 07-83

Squier's Tarbaby
SF860490 11-91

Squier's Believe It Or Not
SF188467 02-90

Idlewild's Believe It Or Not
SC883956 11-80
Chocolate & Tan

Carol's Little Miss Brittany
SE363096 07-88

River Run Miss Ashley
SF356931 10-89

Snoopy Van Blue
SE441224 06-88

Good Golly Miss Molly-O
SE995694 06-88

Angelwing Sheema Cappuccino
SN287673/01 11-97

Hamiltons Studley Jake
SF242192 08-89

Silverwoods Studley Schmitt
SE834786 05-88

Silverwoods Country Squier
SE396723 05-87

Luv's Pattycake Autumn Coco
SE100417 10-86
Chocolate & Tan

Little Swiss Miss
SE930697 08-88

Prince Maxwell Powell
SE408343 08-86

Miss Heidi Poopsyla
SE199874 08-87

J-N-Es Grammy's Almond Joy
SN044017/03 12-95
Brown White & Tan

D And J's Smores Buster
SM846291/01 08-92
Chocolate Tan & White

Bee Tees D And J
SG040711 08-91
Black & Tan

D And J Neon Bright
SG039990 08-91
Black Tan & White

Precious Bit O Honey
SM865647/03 05-93
Black Tan & White

Wacoway's Good Buddy
SG019345 07-91
Red & White

Wacoway's Majestic Mellisa
SF743069 10-91
Black Tan & White