Multiple Champion producing
CH King of Queens d'Assisi, CGC, ROMgold
(May 31, 2006 - August 26, 2017)

I lost my dear sweet doodle bug just two weeks after I diagnosed him with cancer of his spleen.  Until those days, he was the picture of health.  

Doug was always my golden boy...  in more ways than just his obvious color.  I used to say his temperament was worth its weight in gold.  He passed his sweet, quiet confidence onto his children and grandchildren.  

He was the biggest trooper and never let anything get him down.  He suffered a dislocated wrist in 2014, and had multiple surgeries to correct it.  He went along with it all, always being his amazing happy self.

Doug was my buddy, my confidant, my bed partner (he could spoon better than any dog :) Anyone who met him, felt the same... he was an easy crowd favorite among visitors.  He was charisma in a dog body! To say I miss him, is such an understatement.  He will never be forgotten...  my golden boy, my Dougie doodle bug, my doodle...  Godspeed sweet Doug...  thank you for choosing me....

Doug came about his name after a long struggle on my part...  Tried many names on him and nothing was sticking until Doug popped out :)  His registered name came from his call name and aptly, although surprisingly  combines his parents names... Helyn is named after the 90s sitcom, Mad About You (Blue), so his name is a sitcom like hers...  Also, with dad's name being Presley, the "King" reference is fitting...  so after a long struggle, I am pretty pleased with his name!

Doug was shown on a very limited basis, but did extraordinarily well!  Finishing from bred-by in a few shows culminating in back-to-back 4 pt majors!   Doug came out to play at the 2008 National specialty.  He held his own amoungst the "big boys" surviving till the final cut!  He made an appearance at the 2013 FBDCA Nationals Specialty week in the 7 - 9 year Veteran class, and placed consistently every day!  So proud!

Doug is also a star!  You will see him on Greeting cards by Carlton/American Greetings at your local Targets!  Doug earned his Canine Good Citizen on June 21, 2010! 

Doug's Kids:

Doug's Health Testing
OFA Hips Fair FBU-346F24M-VPI 
OFA Heart normal: FBU-CA-407/14M/P-PI
OFA Knees normal: FBU-PA495/14M/P-PI
Eye CERF Normal: FBU-728
OFA spine film on file with OFA
Juvenile Cataract Clear by DNA
Degenerative Myelopathy clear by DNA
Cystinuria 1-1 (clear)

Slideshow of Dougie Kids

  • Doug's Litter with Gena in 2010 - The Royal 6 Pack
    Doug's Litter with Gena in 2010 - The Royal 6 Pack
  • Doug's Litter with Lynda in 2011 - The TV Litter
    Doug's Litter with Lynda in 2011 - The TV Litter
Doug's Litter with Gena in 2010 - The Royal 6 Pack
Doug's Litter with Gena in 2010 - The Royal 6 Pack
Pedigree Of American Champion King of Queens d'Assisi CGC, ROMg
Sex Dog
D.o.B 05/31/2006
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
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AM CH Cox's Goodtime Jubilee
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Shann's Simply Stunning
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AM CH Spicewood's Delta Dawn
Quatt Shann's Ivy Oakhammer Alesia At Reviresco
Herguardian Quant
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