D'Assisi Maine Coons

I am just beginning my journey into Maine Coons.  I have two lovely neutered boys, George & Robert, who are so amazing...  and they have inspired me to put my knowledge of breeding and breed type to the test in the arena of pure bred cats.  

Pictured to the left are my two girls.  

Barbara is a lovely girl, a Russian import, and is a brown patched tabby.  I am still deciding whether she will be bred. (Stellar Ltr Barbara)

Loretta is the beautiful classic silver tabby and white.  She is from Angtini Maine Coons, and I hope she will be my foundation.  Loretta has attended one show as a kitten and made a final, which was very exciting.  (Angtini's Loretta Lynx d'Assisi)

Please enjoy a few pictures below of the Maine Coons that bless this house

I am a CFA registered cattery and as I delve further into the cat breeding, i will post test results and pedigrees as I do with the dogs...