MACH3 Drama Queen d'Assisi,

Carmen was born here on March 8, 2010, part of the "Royal 6 Pack".  She is the daughter of Doug and Gena and litter sister to Vera.  Carmen is an up and coming performance star owned by Michelle Hrnchar, DDS and myself!  Michelle gets all the credit for her accomplishments!

Carmen's Accomplishments:

  • 8/7/10: Earned her CGC at the tender age of 5 months young! 
  • 9/15/10: Earned her FIRST RN leg at the 2010 FBDCA Nationals Special with a 2nd place!
  • 11/7/10:  New Rally Novice title at just under 8 months of age!  3 runs, 3 Q's! 
  • 9/2/11: New Novice Agility (NA) Title!
  • 9/17/11: Novice Agility Jumpers (NAJ) Title!
  • 10/14/11: New Open Jumpers (OAJ) title!
  • 10/15/11: New Open Standard (OA) title!
  • 10/22/11: New Novice Fast (NF) title!
  • 11/6/11: New Excellent Standard (AX) title!
  • 11/25/11: First MACH points!
  • 2/4/12: New AXJ title, a QQ and more MACH points!
  • 8/24/12: New Open Fast (OF) title!
  • 10/14/12: New MXJ and more MACH points and her 3rd QQ!
  • 11/22/13: Carmen is the FIRST frenchie to earn a Time to Beat title (T2B) in the regular division
  • Invited to the 2012 and 2013 AKC Agility Invitational!!!!!
    On February 16, 2014, Michelle and Carmen make history!  Carmen earns her Master Agility Championship (MACH)
  • She is not only the first female in the history of the breed to do this, but also the youngest frenchie ever to MACH!!!!  I am so proud of Team Carmen.  How amazing!
  • 3/9/12: Carmen earns her Beginner Novice (BN) title and with it her VOM gold level from the FBDCA
  • November 7, 2014: Carmen earns MACH2!!!
  • Number ONE Frenchie in agility for 2014!
  • January 17, 2016: Carmen earns her barn hunt instinct certificate (RATI)
  • January 23, 2016, Carmen earns her Novice Barn Hunt title (RATN) in 3 straight trials
  • Late February 2016, Carmen earns her MACH THREE!!!!

Carmen's Health testing

Carmen's MACH runs!!!!  QQ #20!  This Girl is on Fire!!!


Where it all began....

Carmen's first day in Excellent.  And it was a QQ!!!



Pedigree Of Drama Queen d'Assisi RN, AX, AXJ, OF, CGC
Sex Bitch
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
American Champion King of Queens d'Assisi CGC, ROMg American Champion Shann's Goodtime At Crestagard AM CH Shann's Grandstander AM CH Cox's Goodtime Barnstormer
AM CH Spicewood's Toymaker
AM CH Shann's Zoe AM CH Spicewood's Mr Bojangles
Quatt Shann's Ivy
Stellar's Mad About Blue D'Assisi CGC AM CH Jumeau's Hanky Panky Blues CGC, ROMg AM CH Heike's Bad Bad Leroy Brown
AM CH Heike's Ginger Blue
AM CH Jackpot! Ez On The Eyes AM CH Jackpot! Ez Come...Ez Go...
House Of Tucks Nevada
American Champion Kiss Kiss Bang Bang d'Assisi CGC, ROMb American Champion Blissbull Belboulecan Fernando CAN CH CAN CH Night and Day L'Amour Brando "du Champagne" CH Lacoste Vom Isern Hinnerk
Shepherd's Bulldogs Gracia
Belboulecan Abba At Blissbull CH Jacquella Terrible
CAN CH Belboulecan Hungaria Zsazsa
American Champion Jewel Thief d'Assisi CGC, ROMg AM CH Petty Thief Of My Heart AM CH Coeur Jackpot! Chez Lebull
Pettybull's Velveteen Dreams
Stellar's Mad About Blue D'Assisi CGC AM CH Jumeau's Hanky Panky Blues CGC, ROMg
AM CH Jackpot! Ez On The Eyes
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